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Dowel Thin Wooden Crafts Sticks Natural Colored Wooden Wood Dowel Sticks Pole Rod Bar Timber Crafts Wooden Wood Popsicle Sticks Skill Sticks Natural or Colored Medium Large XLarge Crafts
Natural: 100-Count
Mixed Colors: 80-Count
Small: 10-Count, 6mm

Medium: 6-Count, 10mm

Large: 4-Count, 12mm
7&8: Long & Thin: 200-Count (2 packs of 100)

3&4: Medium Skill Sticks: 100-Count (2 packs of 50)
Medium: 200-Count (2 packs of 100)
Large: 100-Count (2 packs of 50)
9: Xlarge: 50-Count (2 packs of 25)

Popsicle Eva Foam Sticks Multi Color Crafts Long Wooden Wood Dowel Sticks Craft Sticks Timber Sticks
Medium: 200-Count (2 packs of 100), 4.5"x0.38"
Large: 100-Count (2 packs of 50), 6"x0.75"
16.75"L x 0.25" D