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Mini Small Metal Cage Ultra Portable Animal Critter Bird Quail Chick Hamster Rat XL Heavy Duty Rubber Bird Cage Avian Poop Droppings Manure Tray Aquarium Maintenance Water Change All Purpose Utility Tray Feeder Food Play Cage Swinging Parrots Cockatiels Macaws Conures Lories Cockatoo


Snakes, rats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, quails, finches, parakeets, pigeons, baby chicks, preying matis, tarantulas, lizards, bats, turtles, and many more small animals.

Ultra portable and stackable.

Or use as party favors or small animal gift giving!


11" x 7.25" x 5.5"

Door opening:

3.25" x 3"

Comes with cardboard paper (10.5" x 6.75")

Made for bird cages size 30"x18"x18"
Can be used for any purpose.
A feeder that gives your bird fun playing time. Watch as the bird eats and swings in midair. Fun entertainment for bird owners.
Simply twist of bottom grill, insert food such as chopped apples, and twist on grill.
Has a hook to fasten to top of cage or any overhanging latchable object.

Parrots Cockatiels Macaws Conures Lories Cockatoos Amazons Caique Budgerigar African Grey Pionus, etc.

Iron Metal
13.5" Height (8" chain + 5.5" cage)
5.25" Diameter

1 lb 4.7 oz
Large Dividable Bird Cage Avian Breeding Flight Parakeets Pigeon Chicks Quails Finches XL 3 Triple Metal Bird Fowl Avian Critter Cage Stand Mounting Platform W Wheels XL Dividable Breeding Flight BirdCage Quails Parakeets Finches Cockatiel Chicken

4 plastic perches, 2 side doors, 2 front doors, 4 feeder doors, 4 feeding bowls, 1 sliding droppings tray, 1 plastic divider grate solid, 1 metal divider grate prison bar

Fit cages 30" x 18" x 18" (Top layer can accomodate cages that are taller)

Three tier levels for three cages. (Top layer can accomodate two cages (For total of four cages) stacked up together, but we don't recommend stacking two on the top tier.)

Stand dimensions are: 30" x 18" x 54"


Metal construction.

Steel metal cage.

Use for:

2 Front Doors
2 Side Doors
4 Feeder Doors

Comes with:
Foldable cage for easy storage
4 Feeding cups
4 Wooden perches
Removable shatterproof tray
Dividing grate to divide cage into two.

30" x 18" x 18"
11.80 lbs