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Metallic Safari Zebra Gift Bag Stuffing Tissue Paper 18" x 30" Sheets (4-pack) Metallic Foil Tissue Paper Sheet Shiny Gift Wrap Bags - Solid (4-pack) Premium Paper Tissue Gift Box Wrap Gift Bag Wrap Wrapping Stuffing Paper Color Colorful (80-Count)
Great for stuffing your gift bags!

4 pack
Each pack has 10 sheets with dimensions 20" x 26"
Total sheets is 40 per unit ordered.
12-Count (4 packs of 3)
Each sheet measures 18" x 30"

You may choose a mix of four colors. Please place your order with note in payment or send us an email describing how you like it mixed.
80-Count (4 packs of 20)
Gift Box Gift Bag Tissue Paper Sheets Stuffing Paper Metallic Gold or Silver Tissue Paper Gift Bag Stuffing Origami Paper Flower Making Paper Decorative Craft Paper Multi Color Rainbow Pack Shiny Glossy Metallic Foil Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap Decoration Crafts Roll
12-Count (4 packs of 3) 100-Count
20"x26" per sheet

Type 1: Left
Type 2: Right
30"x100' roll