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Metallic Safari Zebra Gift Bag Stuffing Tissue Paper 18" x 30" Sheets (4-pack) Metallic Foil Tissue Paper Sheet Shiny Gift Wrap Bags - Solid (4-pack) Gift Box Gift Bag Tissue Paper Sheets Stuffing Paper Metallic Gold or Silver
Great for stuffing your gift bags!

4 pack
Each pack has 10 sheets with dimensions 20" x 26"
Total sheets is 40 per unit ordered.
12-Count (4 packs of 3)
Each sheet measures 18" x 30"

You may choose a mix of four colors. Please place your order with note in payment or send us an email describing how you like it mixed.
12-Count (4 packs of 3)
Premium Paper Tissue Gift Box Wrap Gift Bag Wrap Wrapping Stuffing Paper Color Colorful (80-Count) Tissue Paper Gift Bag Stuffing Origami Paper Flower Making Paper Decorative Craft Paper Multi Color Rainbow Pack Shiny Glossy Metallic Foil Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap Decoration Crafts Roll
80-Count (4 packs of 20)
20"x26" per sheet
20"x26" per sheet

Type 1: Left
Type 2: Right
30"x100' roll